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  • The Garage Door Seal

    Discover Weather Defender
    The Ultimate Garage Door Threshold Seal With FREE Shipping!

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    Introducing Weather Defender, the all in one Garage Door Seal

    The Weather Defender garage door seal keeps your garage clean and tidy throughout the year. Quick and easy to install yourself with instant results!

     Stops rainwater, draughts and leaves
    The ‘Original’ available in 10 kit lengths & a 30m trade length
    The new ‘XL’ available in 5 kit lengths, a 25m trade length & as ‘cut to size’
     Easy-to-fit with instant results
     Forms a watertight seal
     Keeps your garage dry and clean
     Bright yellow safety strip across the length
     Suitable for various sizes of gap
    Made from durable, marine grade PVC
     Ridges on the top, reduce the risk of slipping
     High quality, flexible, eco-friendly PVC

    Weather Defender with up & over door
    Dimensions - WD Original
    Dims Weather Defender XL NEW

    The Ultimate Garage Door Seal

    All our Garage Door threshold seal kits include super strong adhesive to secure the threshold in place (except the cut-to-size XL) that provides a watertight seal between the bottom of the garage door and the floor. Each kit also comes with easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

    Unique & Innovative Design

    The yellow safety strip ensures the weather seal is highly visible for people and vehicles moving in and out of the garage.

    The easy tear-off strip can be torn away when fitting the garage door seal to a roller shutter door, to create a straight edge.

    Anti slip ridges prevent humans as well as vehicles slipping when crossing over the threshold seal.

    Serrated grooved base has been designed to create an ideal surface to provide excellent adhesion for the sealant and floor.

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    Weather Defender Original

    Dims WD

    Domestic and Commercial Application
    Available in 11 kit lengths & a 30m trade length
    Suitable for all door types
    High quality, flexible, eco-friendly PVC
    All original kits include Everbuild Stixall Sealant
    Anti-slip ridges and yellow safety strip as standard

    The NEW Weather Defender XL

    Dims WDXL NEW

    Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Application
    Available in 5 kit lengths, a 25m trade length & as ‘cut to size’
    Suitable for all door types and wider industrial door profiles
    High quality, flexible, eco-friendly PVC
    All XL kits include Everbuild Stixall Adhesive
    Anti-slip ridges and yellow safety strip as standard

    If you have any queries about our range of products including the NEW Weather Defender XL, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01293 843 441.

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