Weather Defender Brush Draught Excluder 75mm


Brush Draught Excluder

Suitable for gaps up to 75mm

For internal and external doors

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Weather Defender Aluminium Brush Draught Excluder Seal For the Bottom of Garage Doors (Large) 2.5m Long with 75mm of Bristles

Comprising of an aluminium carrier fitted with brush seals, our range of Weather Defender Brush draught strips are designed specifically for use on Up and Over and Side Hinged Garage Doors, but they can also be used on personnel doors if required.

The carriers into which the brush seal is enclosed are supplied pre-drilled to permit fixing to the door with screws or rivets, depending on what material the door is made from.

– Seals against uneven thresholds

– Stops draughts under doors

– Simple and effective brush draught excluder

– Supplied as 2.5m length

– Can be cut to size

– Suitable for various sizes of gap 25mm-75mm (1-3 inches)

– Ideal for sliding, folding, hinged and garage doors

– Easy-to-fit with instant results

– Fixing screws supplied

– Available in 6 different lengths

– Pre-drilled adjustable fixing holes for height adjustment

Need a different profile? We also offer 50mm and 25mm brush widths and we also offer rubber profiles in 25mm50mm and 75mm.

Top tip: Use a brush draught excluder over carpets.

How to fix your Weather Defender Draught Seal to your door.

1. Measure bottom of door width

2. Slide the brush out of the housing and cut the housing to size

3. Using a pair of pliers cut the brush to the same size as the aluminium housing, ensuring the metal brush housing is crimped as this will prevent the brushes falling out

4. To prevent the brush insert coming out of the housing you can use glue at each end of the housing

5. Screw firmly to base of door, using the fixing included

6. And adjust as necessary

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