Weather Defender XL Garage Door Seal 2.9m


To suit garage door opening up to 2.9m

NEW Supersized version

Stops rainwater, draughts and leaves

Weather resistant

Suitable for all door types and vehicle types

Low maintenance and exceptionally tough

 Easy-to-fit with instant results

 Outstanding value for money

Includes One Black adhesive

In stock




The Weather Defender XL has been designed and manufactured exclusively in the UK to be the ultimate garage door threshold seal, offering a solution for larger gaps while supporting wider industrial door profiles.

The Weather Defender XL is a completely unique and innovative design manufactured to be rigid, highly versatile and unlike any other threshold seal on the market, meaning it won’t perish or deflate over time!

The Garage Door threshold is easy to fit with instant results. You will immediately benefit from the prevention of leaves, water and debris being blown under your garage door by the wind once you have installed your garage door seal.

Forming a tight seal from floor to the bottom of your door the floor seal also keeps energy saving by preventing extra heat loss from your garage!

Designed and made exclusively within the United Kingdom.

View our full range of Weather Defender kits.

Features and Benefits

–   Stops rainwater, draughts, leaves and even rodents!

–   Suitable for all door types and vehicle types, including wider industrial door profiles

–   Suits your specific needs – Available in 3 different lengths or choose the length you require with cut to size

–   Easy to fit with instant results

–   Outstanding value

–   Forms a weatherproof seal

–   Keeps your garage dry and clean

–   Bright yellow safety strip

–   Suitable for various sizes of gap

–   Anti-slip ridges for increased safety

–   High quality, flexible, eco-friendly PVC

Weather Defender floor seal cross section


Weather Defender with Roller Door

Weather Defender in use
with Roller Garage Door

Weather Defender with Roller Door No Strip

Weather Defender no strip in use
with Roller Garage Door

Weather Defender with Sectional Door

Weather Defender in use
with Sectional Garage Door

Weather Defender with Up and Over Door

Weather Defender in use
with Up and Over Garage Door

Weather Defender with Up and Over Door No Strip

Weather Defender no strip in use
with Up and Over Garage Door

Weather Defender with Side Hinged Door

Weather Defender in use
with Side Hinged Garage Door


One Garage Door Seal that fits All Types of Doors


Black sealant that secures the garage door seal in place 

Everbuild Stixall Extreme Power Black Sealant is the ultimate combined building adhesive and sealant, with the most Extreme power to both bond and seal virtually EVERYTHING to ANYTHING in virtually all conditions, even underwater or in the rain!

Once your Weather Defender is installed with this black adhesive, please press down to secure in place and then leave for several hours before driving over the weather stripping.

This product is included as standard with our Weather Defender kits (excluding the Weather Defender XL cut to size & 30M trade roll), however, we now also offer a Clear Stixall which you can buy in addition if you want an extremely tidy finish.

If you have additional adhesive left after your install, it can also be used on any application requiring high performance, durable sealing and bonding of joints.

Top tip: Wear gloves when applying, as the adhesive is extremely strong and hard to remove.

Wear gloves

Sealant Gun

(This is not included in the kits and is available to be purchased separately.)

Make installing your Weather Defender garage door floor seal even easier and use the Everbuild Power Pro Gun. The heavy duty gun is suitable for the professional and DIY enthusiasts alike, with swivel-action barrel and extra pull trigger. You can use the Weather Defender Sealant Gun with various other 300ml and 400ml cartridges, so a worth-while investment for your business or home.

The ultimate heavy duty sealant gun for both 290ml and 400ml cartridges and suitable for both our black adhesive and clear sealant cartridges.

Fitting Instructions

View how to fit the Weather Defender floor seal to your garage door below or download the instructions.

Installation Between The Frame

Weather Defender instructions between

Installation Behind The Frame

Weather Defender instructions behind

Additional Information

   Manufactured in the United Kingdom

   Weather Defender XL is a total of 133mm wide by 27mm high

   Our unique tear-away section on the Weather Defender floor seal can be torn away when fitting the garage seal as necessary provide the best possible results

   Weather Defender has been designed with a solid yellow line to ensure this is highly visible for people to step over when entering and exiting the garage. The yellow line is a permanent solid infill which will not come off when driven over

   The floor seal is precisely designed with a serrated grooved base to create an ideal surface for the sealant, providing excellent adhesion when the rubber Weather Defender is bonded to a concrete floor

   Our floor seals are made from a REACH & RoHS compliant PVC

   Our floor seals have a cold flex temperature of -26°C

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